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“WOW THE MOVIE” is a collaboration of more than 100 FPV-pilot-Camera operators, and digital cinematographers in more than 50 countries.  This is a short 10 minute trailer.  The finished movie will be in 4K 3D resolution with footage from inside cathedrals, pyramids and a lot of underwater footage.  We have constructed our own balloon space-launching platform for this movie.


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All Conspiracy, No Theory:

A remastered 2013 edition of the film which has inspired an entire PEOPLE POWER revolutionary movement on all five continents.  Now extended to more than 2 hours, with fresh additional footage and 2013 Director’s Cut, ‘The Illuminati’ is a historical film, being the first political documentary series to be released with no less than FIVE sequels! Features ALEX JONES, CHRIS EVERARD, DAVID ICKE, TED GUNDERSON (Former Chief Special Agent of the FBI), ANTHONY HILDER and JORDAN MAXWELL.


Lady Die:

The film which proves beyond all doubt that Princess Diana was murdered in the back of the ambulance following a car crash in Paris in August 1997.  This film presents new evidence, showing that Diana had forewarning of the car accident which was managed by members of Her Majesty’s Special Air Services (SAS) military unit & that staff from MI5 and MI6 were present in Paris on the night of the crash.  This is a historical film exposing the many murders perpetrated by the Royal Family throughout history.


A remastered 2013 edition of ILLUMINATI IV which follows the occult careers of three American Presidents & exposes for the first time on film the Black Magic Seances performed by Dr John Dee for Queen Elizabeth 1st. These seances summoned demons described in the ancient Book of the 'Goetia' - the demons prescribed a method of controlling the hearts and minds of all peoples on planet Earth - and recommended dividing our planet into a series of regions and states - what we today call 'THE NEW WORLD ORDER.